Our Story

Our soy based candles consist of three themes: Experience. Destination. Mindset. Divine Wander Candles started as an idea that came to my mind in late 2020. I wanted to combine my love for travel and self-care and build something that was created by me and not just put my name on something that was created by someone else. I realized that candle making was a great way to build a legacy and something that I can pass on to my future children, nieces, or nephews. Candles are my favorite self-care item and anyone who comes into my home knows that I have candles everywhere and they are always lit up. I then decided, “Why not make my own?” After plenty of research, candle making practice, and a sprinkle of trial and error, Divine Wander Candles was born. 


Hey everyone! I fell in love with candle making in March 2021 after plenty of research in the candle making industry and have been making candles since then. Candlemaking turned out to be a great stress reliever from working my job as a nurse full time, especially while I was working the pandemic. I am looking forward to making more candles and hopefully getting to meet you in the future!

- Jasmine | Owner & Creator